Know How and Innovation


The culture of quality in the business organization comes from awareness to improve daily performance in the constant pursuit of innovation , since 1992 ORA-Mectex textile division has adopted the quality system.
The absolute value of quality is the quality perceived by the Customer . We work to customerize the product and the quality with the target of total quality and constant monitoring throughout the production cycle.
In addition to the departments of inspection and mapping, ORA- Mectex textile division has built an extraordinary technological laboratory where all the main tests of trial are performed to ensure our customers the compliance of technical specifications.
Quality staff is essential to ensure a quality service.


ORA-Mectex textile division was the first Company to achieve stretch fabrics, in both warp and weft, five years before the birth of elastomers ( used for the first time in 1962). Constant research and development has always maintained a high degree of technological innovation of products becoming a reference point for the textile Industry.

Exceed the limits

Technology and innovation of fabrics since the company's inception, demonstrate that limits can be exceeded even in the textile industry. Trained and prepared personnel, advanced informatic system, efficient plant and equipment , constant research and development and Customer collaboration are the tools to succeed. Where others stop , Or.a textile division Mectex advances.