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Printed fabrics

Clothing fashion
Beachwear apparel




Mechanical strength

Excellent mechanical resistance to abrasion of the printing surface .

Colour fastness

The color fastness always verified and optimized to ensure the best obtainable perfomances

Photo Effects

Thanks to the ink-jet technique it is possible to obtain chromatic effects and photo detail on the fabrics

No costing print

The new printing techniques allow the creation of any customization with just a picture without having to buy the plants.

The technology

The new printing technologies allow us to offer to a focused clientele the cusotmization of our fabrics with prints made according to the taste and requirements reported to us each time. The care and guarantee the maximum performances of seal to abrasion, of mechanical resistance and print strength are a basic precondition of our developments . The ability to use different technologies ranging from classic print , the ink jet print to end with innovative combinations of printing and laminating, allows us to have the maximum freedom of movement to develop innovative and customized trend.