The road to the future

  • KEYHOUSE award


    Durante la fiera MUNICH FABRIC START, MECTEX e' stata insignita del primo premio per il miglior tessuto tecnico innovativo. Il KEYHOUSE HIGHTEX AWARD, è stato raggiunto grazie ad uno speciale tessuto trilaminato fotoluminescente.


  • KEYHOUSE award

    Manifatture Italiane Scudieri

    L’azienda è stata trasferita alla Società Manifatture Italiane Scudieri. L’atto è stato firmato dal notaio Paolo Morelli a Napoli e sancisce il trasferimento ad una azienda controllata dalla Adler Plastic.

  • 2010

    The future in Adler

    On September 15, 2012 was the day of the start -up of the rental Company Mectex by Or.a Srl, a company of the Adler Group SpA Or.a S.r.l. maintains productive activity in the historical Headquarter of Erba preserving the know -how and quality that have always characterized the production Mectex , ensuring the continuity of the philosophy behind the success of the products.
    OR.A S.r.l.
    The Sole Director - Mr. Paolo Scudieri

  • 2010

    2010: 50th anniversary Mectex

    "So , that dream that begins on the green hill of Olate is written on a road of important figures and the ride of our life does not end with us , but is handed down, without time limits, as a witness of eternal relay that has as its mission the satisfaction the customer." Carlo Fassi and Irma Pogliani

  • 2008

    Beijing 2008: Olympics gold

    The new Speedo swimsuit , entirely constructed with exclusive fabric Mectex, beats the 92% of World Records, won 94% of the gold medals and 89% of all medals awarded in swimming at the Beijing Olympics 2008 ( China).

  • 2005

    Formula 1 : total protection

    Fireblock, the line of flame retardant fabrics, specifically designed for the world of racing and personal protective equipment. The Mecpor family is renewed and exceeds all limits of permeability and breathability.

  • 1997

    1997: A new home for Mectex

    On 1 August 1997 the looms are switched off on old factory of Via Prealpi and stops the quality control machine of Via Monte Bollettone; Mectex begins the move to the new Factory headquarters in Via Trieste. On September 1st, 1997 at12 pm Mectex re-starts the production and at 8 am the all Factory, maintaining on-time delivery and Customer Service. te la produzione ed alle ore 8 tutta l’azienda, salvaguardando così puntualità nelle consegne e servizio ai clienti.

  • 1995

    Plan of the new headquarters

    In 1995 Mectex bought the property in Via Trieste : 20,000 square meters of industrial land with buildings old of the 50s in a need of a total makeover. The 1995 is enterely dedicated to the new project of Mectex headqaurter into the new millennium . On June 10th, 1996 begin the construction of new buildings of 14,000 square meters equipped with the most innovative technical and technological solutions .

  • 1985

    Supermecpor high performances

    With Supermecpor we improve the technical performance both of waterproof and breathability . The test is performed by an expedition to the Himalayas with garments made from AESSE and wall mounted tends made by Ferrino . The climbers are enthusiastic and the success of this product line in recent years confirm the extraordinary nature of their performance . Over time, the tissues Supermecpor is also used, and with the same success , even for casual wear in every part of the world.

  • 1983

    Growth continues

    On April 21st, 1983, the S.A.S. turns into S.p.A. The growth continues , the number of looms renewed increases every 5 years with technologically advanced models.

    The space is not enough and so is acquired a new unit at Via Monte Bollettone 35 , where are assembled new departments collection and quality control of finished fabrics .

  • Image 01

    The “Valanga Azzurra” dresses Mectex

    The patented fabric Superbiflex CX exceeds all testing and the fabric becomes the official fabric of the National Ski Italian team, Austrian and German .

  • 1970

    Armchair “FIOCCO” by Busnelli

    Fiocco is part of the permanent collection of MOMA in New York. Founded in 1970 by Gianni Pareschi design and part of a brilliant re-edition in 2007 by G14 . The supporting structure is made of tubular metal curved fitted with a cloth elastic fabric forming the seat produced by Mectex.

  • 1962

    The waiving is totally internal

    In 1962 the Company moved to its new building in Erba , in Via Prealpi 12 , are bought the first 8 looms Omita and the spool machine Boltri Gama Optima : is the beginning of an entirely interanl production.

  • 1960

    The foundation

    On February 18th, 1960 Carlo Fassi and Irma Pogliani founded the MECTEX Sas of C.Fassi & C. Olate based in Lecco , Via Luera 6. Office, warehouse , quality control of raw fabrics and finished material were organized in a house whose first floor was the family’s home and warping and weaving were carried out externally.

  • 2008

    The first stone

    The acumen and technological capabilities of Carlo Fassi in 1956 led him to create the first elastic fabric ever made in the world. Did not still exist elastic threads , but the crossing of wires in double and false twist managed to give elasticity to what was rigid.

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The value of the intangible

OR.A Mectex textile division is a living organism whose "DNA" consists of the elements essential to achieve a unique objective: the best fabric for the customer.

Our most important value is our very high professionalism of all the people who make Mectex team, sharing the mission of customer satisfaction.


Bielastic bonded fabric used by Colmar and Samas for the realization of sky overalls for the rising “Valanga azzurra”.


Elastic fabrics used by CIEFFE for the realization of sky pants for the famous “333”.


Nylon fabrics for anti-slide and down anoraks granting more safety to the athletes during the falls.


The first fabric for outerwear in the world, realised with high tenacity nylon yarns, originally studied by SNIA only for tires production. The company Tecnica used it to create the “MOON BOOT” borned to celebrate the landing of the man on the moon.


Bielastic fabrics for sky pants. Opportunely treated with a polymeric film, this product becomes totally water-proof and wind-stopper; it is used by Kaiser Franz and Marco Taddei in the “KL” -Kilometro Lanciato- sky competition performed in Cervinia; both respectively placed: the 2nd and the 12th position at the high speed of about 200km/h


patented fabric, realized by crossing different fabrics woven in one. It has been tested in the Pininfarina “wind tunnel” by Gustavo Toeni and Piero Gros at the presence of the Techical Commissary Cotelli. “CX” overcomes every tests and becomes the official fabric of the Italian, Austrian and German National Sky Teams: this product is used by Colmar, Samas, Bogner, Schneider, Sportalm.


The first stretch corduroy fabric ever realised in Europe. In different versions it is used all over the world thanks to its stretchness, durability and aesthetic performances


MECtex PORosa: it is the first water-proof and breathable fabric. It’s introduced at Interstoff and Ispo Exhibitions, leaves all incredulous and it is a great success. It is used by the most important world manufacturers not only for sports but also for casual-wear such as: Colmar, Belfe, Ciesse Piumini, Bogner, Schoeffel, Samas, Ellesse, Fila, Gigi Rizzi, Lutha, Bergaus, Mabrun, Redaelli, Phenix, etc.


A nylon and cotton yarn-dyed striped fabric, particularly suitable for swimwear. The product is immediately used by Tamigi and it becomes a huge success


Evolution of Mecpor. Technical performances are improved both in water-proof and breathability. The product has been tested by an Expedition to Himalaya with garments made by AESSE and tents realised by Ferrino. Alpinists were enthusiastic and the success of this line, during these years, confirms its extraordinary performances. Supermecpor line had the same success also for casual-wear all over the world.


Evolution of Rainbow. They are nylon and cotton yarn-dyed madras fabrics. Every swimwear and casual-wear manufacturer in the world use these fabrics in its collections. Tamigi, Fila, Belfe, Colmar, Best Company, Gavinelli, Triumph, Erima, Riedl, Gottex, Diana, Arena etc… Once again, after the Rainbow’s great success, the new line met with the consumer’s approval.


A bi-stretch, evolution of sky-wear fabrics; it enters in the daily wear’s world, Hundred of thousand meters are used by the most famous brands in the world.

1992 BREATH e FA

They are particular finishings that make water-proof, breathable and wind-stopper fabrics, with suitable characteristics for the every-day dressing.


The fabric that “does not make a crease”. Time flies, stress increases; the needs of comfort, elegance and casual are still unsatisfied. MacDrap is the first easy-care and wash-and-wear fabric introduced to the Market.


A line of highly protective and high tenacity fabrics made with Cordura and Kevlar fibers and with steel. Destined to an extremely technical use, find their market in the motor-cycle, work and hi-tech sky-wear.


PIUma MECtex. The particular technical characteristics of this fiber are its lightness (about 30% less than a normal nylon fiber), its thermal isolation and UV ray Protection. Piumec fabrics are in every lines of Mectex. The success in technical-wear and casual-wear is huge. Piumec is used by the most important World Garment Manufacturers.


The birth of fabrics made with metallic fibers as steel, copper and brass. Their look and their technical characteristics confer to this line a great success in every type of garment.


(Breathable Water-proof Water-repellent) is suitable for all our non-stretch and weft mono-stretch fabrics, exalting their water-proofness, breathability and wind-stopper caracheristics;


(Extra Breathable Water-proof) for the first time in the world a bi-stretch woven fabrics becomes water-proof and breathable with exceptional performances.


Stretch fabrics made with Kevlar and Cordura.


Fixed and stretch fabrics made with Cordura.


Anti-static, bacteriostatic, anti-allergic, dissipative fabrics with high metal content.


Development of the line IDEA. Includes different finishings:
PRO agents which gives a wellness sensation
1) IONOTHERAPY – Highly relaxing and anti-stress
2) ALOE - beneficial property well known from everyone
3) AROMATHERAPY – available with any fragrance; we proposed lavender, delightful ascent and with relaxing properties.
ANTI agents which protect people from unpleasant situations for their wellness:
ANTI-SMELL; during the permanence in closed places, our clothes become imbued with the smells around. This finishing allows a slow release of smells that our nose is not able to perceive.


Fireproof fabrics line properly studied for the Racing world and for the individual protection. MECPOR FAMILY has been renewed and exceeds every limit of waterproof and breathability.


The revolutionary nanotechnological process, immediately a great success. The most important Sport brands start using it, Plasma is a great success and it is applied on every Mectex fabric.


The new line of waterproof and breathable fabrics with extraordinary features for the comfort of the person. The Mecpor family and Wonderful life merge intimately for the satisfaction and joy of those who will wear.